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Cookies for Kairos

Serving alongside my family is one of my favorite things to do. Over the past week I’ve had several opportunities to work in the kitchen with both my true family and church family.

Since last Sunday I’ve been blessed to be a part of the process of baking close to 200 dozen cookies for the Kairos Prison Ministry. Our church is sending several representatives to a local prison where the gospel will be shared with inmates. That program involves sharing homemade cookies with those they visit. In the process of baking I learned so much about the Kairos ministry.

You get to know people even better when you are rubbing elbows with them in the kitchen. But even all those cookies later I am convinced that God is blessing our congregation with amazing people at Village Chapel.

The first 70 dozen I helped with was alongside the youth group. Watching a group of high schoolers sacrificing their time moved me. They worked together better than most adults and they kept themselves motivated with mini competitions and games.

I was able to witness God’s love being spread through the simple act of cookie baking. What may seem like a small luxury to us can make a lifelong impact in the life of someone else. I will be in prayer over the next few weeks for those participating in this ministry opportunity.

Be sure to check out more about Kairos Prison Ministry

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Reblog: Purpose Driven Mother


This past week I came across a very convicting and well-written article that I wanted to share with those of you who follow my blog. The blog post was entitled Purpose Driven Mother and was written by Inez Bayardo over at Novice Mommy. In this article Inez speaks about her experience as a children’s pastor. It’s a compelling story about an encounter with a parent of a student in her ministry who saw the salvation of her child as less of her own responsibility and more of the responsibility of the children’s pastor.

Parents, this is a message for you. As parents our responsibility to our children is to provide them opportunities to encounter Jesus through children’s ministry programs and things of the like, but it is also our responsibility in the home to constantly be pointing our children to Jesus. Pray with your children. Minister to your children. Grow with your children.

As your children grow you should not just hope that they have accepted Jesus and make it to heaven you should know without a doubt that it is the case because you were the one to lead them to that place. Children’s pastors were not created so that parents could have a hands-off approach to the salvation of their children. Their role is to provide re-teaching of the foundations that were already laid in the home by the parents.

My prayer is this for my family as it should be for all of us:

“…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Please check out this article by Inez Bayardo and then check out other articles on her site. She is a new mother in ministry and has some amazing content on her blog.

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Hope Eastleigh


This past weekend my husband and I had the truly humbling experience of taking part in the Hope Eastleigh event in his hometown. Eastleigh is the town in England where my husband grew up. It is a burrough of Southampton near the south coast. For this event many of the churches within Eastleigh banded together to bring their town various opportunities to encounter the gospel over a two week time period. This event is known as Hope Eastleigh. During this time period several activities are established for various groups of people. Members of the churches get involved by volunteering their time to get out and evangelize to the community.

On Friday they provided a tea tent in the town square for the elderly to get a cup of tea and chat with the volunteers. This provided a means for presenting the gospel to that group of people.

The majority of those who were reached through Hope Eastleigh were met during their Saturday Family Day. In the town square there were dozens of free bouncy castles, children’s games and crafts run by volunteers from the churches. My husband shared his basketball ministry and testimony on stage during this time. The entire day was meant to draw people to conversation so that they might come to know Christ as a result. It was truly inspiring the way that the churches came together in order to see life change in their community.

IMG_1253 IMG_1256

Sunday there was one church service held in a tent on the town square. Over ten congregations met together to worship God in an open location. The tent was overflowing with people and some who were in town became curious about the service and wandered in as well.

This next week we will be returning to America and will be unable to take part in the second week of Hope Eastleigh, but it is the follow-up week where Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday there will be evening services housed in different churches. Each service will present a different part of the salvation story with opportunities to meet Christ for the very first time.

What I find most inspiring about the Hope Eastleigh event is that there is no competition between the churches. All work together to see authentic change in Eastleigh. So often when churches resolve to work together their plans are thwarted by their differences. It is truly special the way that these churches focus on their similarities and work toward a common goal. It was so humbling to be in a place where Christianity and faith are in such decline, but to see people living out the gospel the way that God intended: with unity.

1 Peter 3:8: Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.


Writing As a Ministry


Over the past several weeks I have been working on a new opportunity and I am excited to officially announce on my blog that I am taking my writing to a new level and becoming part of my first ever writing ministry. Over the past couple of months my church (Covenant Church in Grove City, Ohio) has been restructuring itself and creating opportunities for the members of the church to become more involved in the mission of the church: to seek and save the lost.

A few months back one of the pastors of the church sent out a message seeking those with the gift of writing to help with some upcoming projects. Initially, I did not even see or know about this message, but several of my friends within the church recommended me to this pastor and I somehow ended up on the radar. Over the next couple of days I submitted some of my writing to the church. Upon review of my writing I learned that the church would like to use me in this new ministry. Shortly thereafter I met with this pastor and he outlined the specifics of this project. I signed on the dotted line and committed to joining the team at Covenant in the area of writing.

I say all of this not to boast about my writing skills, because I am still learning and growing. Rather I say this to show that God is good! I’ve been convicted about getting involved with our church and I feel like God has opened doors for me to effectively use my gifts to serve Him. Also, I know that for me writing is some times my avenue for communicating with God. For years I’ve kept journals that hold some of my deepest conversations with God. Writing has always been a way for me to completely give over my thoughts to God and I am so glad that he is choosing to use my writing to glorify Him.

When I began my blog this winter I set out to accomplish some goals for myself. My blog contains a journey which if you were to start at the beginning and read forward you would see how God has been shaping me through my blog posts. Through this process God has taken what I meant for myself and focused it also on Him. There are a lot of things I have learned through writing and nothing is more important than giving God the glory for whatever He is using me to accomplish.

So I joined this writing team to show God that I recognize that my passions and gifts are from Him and I am willing to use them for His glory. It may take a little extra time on my part to write for the different upcoming projects (magazines, interviews, discussions, etc.), but ultimately it is bringing God glory doing something that I love so I don’t even fear the time commitment involved. In the future I may post some of the articles I write or share some interviews with my blogging community so stay tuned for that. I just really wanted all of you to know that God is using this writing thing for something much bigger than me and I am so excited to take a hobby and turn it into a ministry. To God be the Glory!