August 2021 Bullet Journal

This is the inaugural month for my newest bullet journal, my second volume for 2021. I was given my new journal as a gift for my birthday. It was purchased from Shop Amanda Rach Lee, one of my favorite bullet journalists on YouTube. These notebooks released in June and I am so excited that I got one! The paper is thick and so far none of my tools have bled through the pages. I love the doodles on the cover as well as the charm on the bookmarks to match the cover theme. I highly recommend this Doodle Notebook.

On one of the first pages of the notebook I did a doodle to see how my markers, pens, and pencils hold up on the paper. The illustration is nothing special, but I wanted to share it with you anyway so you can see the paper quality:

Now onto my August pages…

Cover Page: Olympic/Simone Biles theme

This month’s theme is inspired by the recent events surrounding Simone Biles’ withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics. I used a new fountain pen on the title which you can see leaked a little on the page (on the red ring). I am trying to work on my use and understanding of fountain pens, but somethings you can’t control when using them which is why I’ve never been too keen.

August Calendar Page

The dates are illustrated using rings similar to the Olympic rings and I found a photo online of Simone and printed it using my Sprocket. My goals this month are mindfulness, hydration, and exercise all of which are things inspired by Simone Biles.

Fitness Tracker

To track my fitness this month I decided on a minimalist horizontal theme. The rings on the headings were doodled in Olympic ring color order.

Mindfulness Tracker

Since Simone Biles inspired me to be more mindful and focused on mental health I created a page to track daily mindfulness activities or reflections.

Weekly Spread

My first weekly spread incorporates a quote from Simone Biles and continues to use the red and blue stars and lettering. This type of weekly spread is heavily inspired by The Plant Based Bride.

The supplies that I used this month in creating these spreads were Crayola Super Tip (red), Papermate Flairs (navy, gold, green, black, and red), a blue fountain pen (purchased at Five Below), and Google Images of famous quotes by SIMONE BILES.

I couldn’t end this post without a quick word on Simone Biles. As a mother of a young gymnast, Simone has continued to be a positive role model for my daughter. Simone is a strong woman who recognizes that mental health is more important than winning. In her act of stepping down from the Tokyo Olympics this week Simone showed the world that she is worth more than a collection of gold medals. She is a hero–one that deserves time and space to take care of herself.

Let me know what you think about my bullet journal pages as well as my tribute to the GOAT!

The Ameri Brit Mom


July 2021 Bullet Journal

It’s been many months since I made a post showcasing my bullet journal, but I have been keeping it updated during the time I didn’t post. With the July pages filled I have now finished my Volume 1 of 2021. I look forward to sharing my new notebook with you starting next month as well as some new ideas and supplies I’ve acquired while on my annual trip to England.

Cover Page: Popsicle/Lollipop Themes

This month’s theme is inspired by several photos I saw on Pinterest as well as my newest set of Stabilo Highlighters in coral, teal, and purple pastels.

Weekly Spread

This weekly spread is one I have been using for a few months now. It is inspired by The Plant Based Bride’s Rolling Weekly video on YouTube.

Meal Tracker

I am in the middle of PiYo and this page is especially designed with the elements of my meal plan here and plenty of space to track the foods I am eating every day.

Fitness Tracker

This is my fitness tracker–it’s simple and functional.

My supplies for this month’s spread were:

Stabilo Highlighters in pastel colors and Tombow Fudenosuke in black as well as a black Paper Mate Flair pen.

Let me know what you think of these simple, summery pages.

The Ameri Brit Mom


March 2021 Bullet Journal

I blinked and February 1st became March 1st. Time seems to be slipping through my fingers in 2021. We are on the cusp of the Covid-19 lock down anniversary. How is that even possible!?! At any rate, it is a new month and time to reveal and share my pages for March 2021.

But first a review of February

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I failed at keeping up and staying organized with my journaling in February. I started out well, but the deeper we got into the month the busier and less focused I became. Not to mention that I nearly had an entire week of snow days in there when I forgot the day of the week.

I did complete a really cute February review page with a Top 3 photo display using my new Sprocket photo printer. I like to wrap up each month sharing Top 3 photos from my phone and a brief description of things I’m into at the time. Those pages are really fun to both make and to revisit down the road. They may be my very favorite pages of the bullet journal process because they serve as a mini time capsule.

So without further ado, my March 2021 spreads:

Cover Page: House Plant Theme

One of the top Bullet Journal influencers on social media is Amanda Rach Lee. I’ve never done a recreation of her entire theme before, but I decided to try it out this month. All of the houseplant designs are inspired by Amanda Rach Lee and her March 2021 Plan With Me video on Youtube.

2. March Calendar

This month’s simple calendar layout is made up of small boxes and plenty of blank space for notes and dates.

3. Fitness Spread

Here’s to hoping I fill more of this spread in March than how I did in February.

4. Meal Tracking Spread

Because writing it down helps me stay accountable!

5. Weekly Spread and Habit Tracker

This is a very simple weekly spread with a small habit tracker in one corner and illustration in the other.

I kept it all simple this week. As for the tools I used in creating these spreads I stuck to a basic color scheme of teal and light gray Tombow Dual Brush pens. All illustration was done using a Tombow Fudenoske hard tip pen. I used a milky white gel pen to write the dates and accent spreads–and that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this peek into my 2021 Bujo!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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Bullet Journal Updates (June 2017)

I realize it’s been a while since I last updated on my personal bullet journal. Even though it hasn’t appeared on my blog, I’ve been using the thing like crazy! My beautiful Moleskine resides in its own special place in my purse and I carry it with my daily. I thought I’d share some photos of ways I’ve used my bullet journal most recently.

  1. Monthly spread and review: 

    2. Vacation Daily Tracker:


3. Recipes:



4. Online Course Creation:

IMG_0545 (1).JPG

5. Summer Goals and Routines:


My favorite pens to use in my bullet journal are the Paper Mate Flair pens. I love the vibrant colors and the ease at which I can write with these pens.


What are your favorite bullet journal tools or utensils?

The Ameri Brit Mom


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March Updates (Bullet Journal)

Three months into my bullet journal and I’m feeling more organized and productive. I’ve nailed down a weekly spread that works for me and I’ve added all sorts of collections that have allowed me to dump my mind. I used to carry around these lists in my brain and now I have a place where they belong. It’s been very freeing and allowed me the chance to relax in ways I hadn’t before.

There are times I have to jot something down while it’s on my mind, but there are no more worries about whether or not I will forget it. Every list has a place in my bullet journal. It is a customized book that I am filling constantly. No more wasted space in a planner created by someone else! I am utilizing every page and making it work for who I am and the types of lists I incur.

Here is a look at some of my newest pages in my bujo:



The Ameri Brit Mom

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Bullet Journal (February Updates)

I’ve been an official Bullet Journaler for two months now. In February, I took on the February Journal Challenge where I created a new page or idea each day based on a prompt. I also started some new pages and added to ones from last month. I have been really pleased with this new hobby. It’s been a nice way to use my creativity and it helps keep my life organized as well.

Here is a look at some of my newest editions to my Bullet Journal in February:


The Ameri Brit Mom