A New Five Minute Friday: Future

I am very excited to announce a huge change in my Five Minute Friday community. Last week, a new site was launched- Five Minute Friday. The weekly link-up is still hosted by Kate Motaung, however, some of the changes to the site help with site navigation and make it easier to access tools and topics.

What is Five Minute Friday?

It is a link-up (which is equivalent to a Meet-and-Greet in the world of blogging.) Each week, the topic changes and participants are encouraged to take five minutes to write according to the prompt. Because you only have five minutes, posts are raw and unedited. Luckily, Five Minute Friday is a positive place and by joining the group you are giving yourself permission to step outside the confines of perfection. It’s a place to write from the heart and to be encouraged.

So here is my unedited post on this week’s topic, Future:

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The first week of June is always a busy one in our home.

On Wednesday, the school year came to a close. On Sunday, we celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. Next week, I also turn another year older.

Many times it’s easy to get caught up in where we’ve been when we celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, but this year I find myself focusing on the forward motions of life. I’m dreaming about what is left to accomplish. I see the goals we’ve set for our family, and what once seemed so distant and far off is close enough to cross my vision. Exciting times are around the bend, and I am thankful for all God is doing to bless us as a family.

My heart beats with excitement when I think about the verse is 1 Corinthians, “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him—” (2:9)

Those things that stir me most and cause anticipation for the future are just the beginnings of what God planned for me. I’m coming out of a season of pain, but I can now say in confidence that the future is full of bright things. The blessings that await each of us are deeper than what can be seen. How encouraging!

God is good!

The Ameri Brit Mom


One Happy Player


I remember the tears and wailing of last winter. Upward basketball season had begun, but my daughter was a few months too young to participate. We took her to several games to watch her four year old cousin compete. It was torture to a toddler who had been dribbling since she could stand. For an entire year she has looked forward to playing in the Upward league and this past weekend ended her wait.

To fully understand the sanctity of my daughter’s basketball experiences you should know that my husband is a professional basketball trickster. In 2015 I wrote a post entitled My Husband, the TV Star in which I explained a little bit about what he does. Check this out if you don’t know him or haven’t heard of the Sizzla.

Before her first birthday my daughter joined my husband on the stage of an Upward Ceremony show. He spun the basketball on his finger and passed it to her small, delicate one (with my assistance of course). She giggled and the crowd let out an “Awwww” in unison.

By the age of two she was dribbling one ball fairly consistently.

By three she was making shots on lowered rims.

And now, at four years of age she is able to dribble two basketballs at the same time, make a shot on a 9 foot rim, and execute a talented spin move.

My husband has been awaiting her opportunity to compete longer than she has. Five years ago (this weekend) we found out that we were expecting. Amidst the shock and nerves I can clearly remember the spark in my husband’s eye as he dreamed of teaching our future child the fundamentals of basketball.

All of those moments made her first Upward basketball practice that much more special. My husband enjoyed coaching her and radiated his pride in her abilities as they began the drills of the sport. I’m so excited to watch her play this season and in the many more seasons that I’m sure are to follow.

The Ameri Brit Mom

Most Memorable Posts of 2016

2016 is coming to a close and I am joining my Five Minute Friday crew on a special link up today. This year has been a huge year of growth for my blog. I’ve increased my readership and had numerous opportunities arise as a result of my commitment to provide authentic content for my readers.

To start with here are some exciting numbers for the year:

-Number of views: 7,745

-Number of visitors: 4,396

-Number of posts: 262

I have doubled my statistics in every area since 2015 making 2016 my most successful year yet as far as readership and publication go. Thank you for all of your support as readers!

Here are my Most Memorable Posts of 2016:

1. Stitch Fix #7

This was my most popular post of the year in part because it was featured on the Stitch Fix website. As a result of this post, I became a Stitch Fix influencer this year which has allowed me to gain some compensation for my posts from their program.



2. English Rain Jacket

While visiting loved ones in England this summer I highlighted some of the fashions sweeping the nation.


3. 24 Book Challenge

This was a challenge I published at the beginning of the year to get myself reading some different and unique book choices. It has been really successful and many others have joined me on the journey to read 24 books this year.

Book Challenge 2016


4. Two Announcements

This very special post is where I made the announcement that I was officially accepted as a Stitch Fix Influencer as well as my first ever poem would be published in the Five Minute Friday book.



5. Lula Roe Review

I hosted a Lula Roe party at the end of the summer and have been in love with the company ever since!



Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making 2016 a successful year for The Ameri Brit Mom. To think that two years ago I hadn’t ever published anything beyond a Facebook status to where I am today is such a humbling thought. I am so encouraged by those of you who make reading my blog a priority and I look forward to bigger adventures in 2017. To God be the Glory!

The Ameri Brit Mom