It Takes a Village

Over the past two and half years I have learned a lot about what it means to be a mother and a wife. The most important lesson that I’ve learned about myself from this time is the importance of community in my life. Although the beginning stages of your child’s life are so rewarding and miraculous there comes a time where you begin to crave adult interaction. I am a firm believer in the phrase that, “It takes a village (or community) to raise a child.” There are so many things that I can learn as a mother and my daughter can learn from the people that God has strategically placed in our lives.

I’ve been so blessed in my own walk to have people come alongside me and join me in this journey of life. I’m so grateful for each and every person that God has used to foster and build up this beautiful state of community that I live in. I have godly friends that serve not only as spiritual leaders for myself, but also as encouragement for my family. I also have a church that is positive and uplifting.

My family belongs to a small group from our church that meets on a weekly basis to discuss life, struggles, and sermons from the pastor. I find this group particularly encouraging because we were led to join a group where we were the youngest couple. It is so awesome to have the resources of mothers who have children older than my own to seek wisdom from. These moms get what it’s like to be in my shoes and they have survived. I look forward to meeting with these families every week and they are so special to my family. This is a goofy picture of some of our small group packing candy for a Trick-or-Treat outreach we did this fall. I’m not quite sure why the men decided to make silly faces…maybe too much candy.

I’ve also met one of my dearest friends through this church group. One week as a prayer request I mentioned needing a new sitter for my daughter as my sister who was the previous sitter was moving. If you’re a working mom you know how scary this can be. I was really fearful of the idea of not knowing who I was going to end up entrusting my daughter’s care to, but this friend of mine stepped up and I just felt so at peace at her offering to watch my daughter. That has been such a huge blessing and confirmation to me that we are where we are supposed to be as a family in this group. My daughter loves her new sitter and she is such a good friend on so many levels. (More on her in another post to come)

God has also blessed me with a friend that I work with who has been there for me through so much over my past four years of employment. We’ve been friends through so many of life’s big stages and milestones and I feel that our faith has kept us close even when our lives are busy and insane. We’ve continued to make our friendship a priority even when we both are stretched super thin. We share many values, but are both uniquely different in our personalities. I love it. This picture is of my good friend watching the fireworks with my daughter last Fourth of July.

Community has also been built with family. My husband’s family lives in England while we reside in Ohio, but Skype has been amazing at keeping us close and updated on the happenings overseas. I’m so pleased that our daughter regularly talks about her English grandparents and carries memories of the few times she was able to see them. We venture that way every summer, but for my two year-old to vividly recall memories of them the way she does I know that means they have had such a pivotal role in her life and they mean so much to her already. This picture is from July 2014 when my husband’s family came for a visit.

My own family lives near us in Ohio. My family does a lot to help us out and we have made a point to do Sunday Dinners with my mom, dad, and sisters. This is so important because as we each grow and live our busy lives we are able to reconnect on those Sunday evenings and our kids are able to have that weekly time to bond and play together. This is a picture from my sister’s wedding in June 2014.

So my community is….




-Small Group

I felt the need to shout out to those that God has put in my life today. Thank you all for being there for me and my family. Although it is my responsibility to care for and raise my child I know that I can’t do it alone. All of you have taught me and my family so much through your guidance, love, and faithfulness. Thanks for being my COMMUNITY…or village 🙂

My First Award: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Just over a week ago I made the bold decision to begin publishing my musings in the wonderful blogging realm. I’ve always been a journal keeper and a secret writer, but I took the leap of faith (and advice from my husband) and began to publish my writing on this blog. I have been completely overwhelmed by the response I have received. My site stats are quite impressive and have exceeded my expectations. I’ve been averaging around 100 views per day and have created a following and community with blogging strangers around the world. I’ve gained some feedback from those more experienced than myself and I value that feedback greatly. But today, I have reached a new and unexpected milestone. My blog has been nominated by Welcome to My World for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

I am honored and delighted to be nominated for this award. The nomination comes to me from a follower of my blog. If you enjoy my blog you should follow this inspiring blog as well. The author is a cancer survivor who writes about everyday life with a toddler and all of life’s ups and downs. Her posts are very relatable and sometimes I feel like we are great friends because her everyday life so closely resembles my own. I’m really excited to be nominated for my first award. I feel like maybe some of my ramblings may be inspirational to others out there. So I am very grateful for this nomination.

So what’s the point?

Why would one want to be nominated for a blogging award? The answer is two-fold. One goal of every aspiring blogger is to gain readers and followers and awards help make that happen. When I began blogging I wanted to know that the information I was putting out on the Internet was helpful and inspirational to other people. Of course, it is a great outlet for my thoughts and creative thinking, but my goal the whole time has been to encourage other people through letting them in on my imperfect life. By being transparent I believe that other moms or women may be able to relate to my position and be encouraged that we don’t have to have it all together all the time. Another reason why I am so thankful for this award is because it means that I am achieving that goal of inspiring another woman out there and hopefully countless others.

As a nominee for this award I have 10 questions I must answer on my blog so here it goes:

10 burning questions for the nominees:

  1. If you had the opportunity to donate what or who would you donate to and why? If I had the means and opportunity to donate I would choose to sponsor children overseas through organizations like World Vision. I currently sponsor a child in Guatemala through World Vision with a club that I advise at the high school where I work. For $33.00 a month we are able to provide food, clothing, education, and Bibles for our sponsored child and his family. If I could I would sponsor several more children. I wish that all children had the privilege and necessities that my own child has and it breaks my heart when I hear stories where that is not the case. One of the coolest things about World Vision is that they send correspondence between you and your sponsored child. (They even translate when language is a barrier)
  2. What is your favorite season and why? My favorite season is Spring. What I love most about Spring is the feelings of new beginnings. The winter in the mid-west can be daunting and at times (like right now) it seems as though the warmer temperatures and longer days will never come. Once spring sets in I receive new energy and look forward to all that comes with the changing of the seasons.
  3. Who is your favorite author? This is the toughest question on this survey. I love reading which is why I am a high school English teacher. I have several noteworthy favorites. I love Harper Lee, JK Rowling, Beth Moore, and many many more.
  4. Early bird or night owl? Early bird for sure. Since I was pregnant with my daughter my days as a night owl have disappeared. I would much rather get up early than stay up late. I’ve also learned that I am a much more productive person in morning (granted, I have the jump start of a cup of coffee…or two)
  5. Favorite dessert- Can I count coffee as a dessert? If not, then anything coffee flavored (cheesecake, tiramisu, cupcakes, ice cream…)
  6. Describe your perfect day from start to finish- The perfect day would begin with a little bit of a late start. I may wake up earlier than most, but I would take my time getting ready for the day. I would spend the morning drinking several cups of coffee, journaling, blogging, doing a devotional all while cuddling my daughter and husband on the couch. We would make  a family lunch and dine together still in our pajamas. After lunch, we would head to our favorite corner of the world: German Village in Columbus, Ohio. The weather would be beautiful. We would go to Schiller Park, walk the brick-paved streets, visit The Book Loft, and have cookies and coffee at the Pistachio Vera Bakery. Dinner would be at the quaint and world famous Schmidts in German Village. After dinner, we would venture home and watch several episodes of our current favorite show on Netflix until we all fell asleep on the couch. Yep, perfect day!
  7. What is your dream job? My dream job is yet to be determined. Something where I am able to use my gifts to help and inspire others. Right now I’m a teacher and I’m pretty happy with that!
  8. What is your favorite thing about blogging? My favorite part about blogging is that it is not only therapy for myself that allows me to creatively work out my thoughts and ideas, but it also is a platform to encourage and inspire others.
  9. Favorite movie- Wizard of Oz. Why? Because I’ve known every line and dance in that movie since I was 3. I also love all Disney movies and many many musicals.
  10. Warm or cold climate? Warm. No contest. I am much more happy, energetic, and productive with a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun. The cold is depressing and makes my joints hurt. Maybe I should think about relocating from the midwest 🙂

As a part of the nomination process I must also create 10 questions for my nominees:

1. Who do you admire most in your life? Why?

2. Where do you turn for inspiration and encouragement?

3. Why did you begin blogging?

4. What are three goals you have set for yourself (long or short term)?

5. Describe your family and its members.

6. What is your favorite accessory? Why?

7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

8. What is your favorite TV show?

9. What is your favorite blog and why?

10. Where do you see yourself and your family in five years?

I nominate the following blogs to receive this award as well:

Desperate Housewife

Thyme is Honey

Nominees, here are the ground rules:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. (that’s me 🙂 )
– Put the award logo on your blog.
– Answer the ten questions sent to you.
– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
– Nominate seven blogs.

Thank you once again, Welcome to My World. You have made me feel like my time spent narrating my life is well worth it. I have also been encouraged by this award to set some new and higher goals for my blog and to pursue my own personal writing dreams. It means a lot. Please take some time and check out my nominee sites and help them reach their viewer/follower goals.

Life is good.

Staying On Top of It All

Once again this teacher is cut off from society and stranded at home yet again. Our district was set to begin state tests this week, but due to weather and now a gas leak in our high school it is Wednesday and we have not yet commenced the testing. I am making the most out of all of these days at home. I’m using this time to get organized, clean the house, and make progress toward health and fitness goals. So today I want to focus on some of the ideas I’ve come across for organizing my life and goals.

1. Goal Setting

As the year was beginning I set some goals for myself. I created an organizer for my goals to help get the ball rolling and into action. I made a pyramid with the goal for the year at the top. Then, I broke the goal down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals within that pyramid. My two goals to focus on in 2015 are: Completing a 5k competitively and doing some professional writing (i.e. a novel). I got this idea from Jillian Michaels. I found some articles on goal setting according to this famous fit and healthy icon and used some of those ideas in creating my own goal plans for 2015. Here is a link to the template I found most helpful:

2. Daily Organization:

Also at the beginning of the new year I sought out a planner that would help me keep on top of my goals and would be an encompassing life planner. After some searching online I purchased a pad from I am super pleased with this product because it allows me space to plan out my day according to health, home, and fitness goals. When I set daily goals for myself it helps my long term goal seem more attainable and keeps me organized. I recommend taking a look around Thyme-is-Honey’s page and shop. There are a lot of organizational ideas that I find inspiring. (I follow this blog)


3. Blog Ideas:

When I created this blog not only was I looking for a creative outlet for myself, but I aimed at sharing real life experiences as a busy mom with the world in hopes of mutually encouraging others out there either just like me or who have been where I am now. I’m definitely in the infant stages of blogging. I’m learning a few new tricks and ideas every day. As I began setting up my blog originally I wasn’t quite sure what I would have to bring to the table that other people would want to read. I spent a lot of time scoping out the competition and looking at the posts of others in the blogging community. Instead of narrowing my ideas to one topic I decided I would try to cover all the facets of my life on this blog. After a successful first week as a blogger with over 350 views and more subscribers than I anticipated I decided to also get organized with my blogging. I set up a schedule of blog post topics. I plan to write on a rotation basis so as not to get bored of one particular category of writing. My goal is to create a post a day and to become an active member in the blogging community by commenting and subscribing to at least two new blogs a day. Here is a look at the plan of attack I’ve created for moving forward with this blog.


I am not claiming to be a mom on top of it all by any means, however, I do have to admit that I am currently the most organized that I ever have been. I’ve been taking a few minutes everyday to focus on myself and my goals and that has made a world of difference. What are you doing to keep organized and reach your goals?

Working On My Fitness

I am singing the winter blues. I’m so over the snow, frigid temperatures and the short days. Bring on the sun, warm temperatures, and long evenings. It is so much more motivating to get out and work out with a blast of Vitamin D from the good ole sun. At the beginning of the new year like many of you I set some resolutions for 2015 that included creating a more fit and healthy lifestyle. Winter is making it difficult for me to follow through.

At the beginning of the year I outlined plans for regular fitness activity and healthier eating habits. As far as the healthy eating goes I haven’t strayed too far from my goal. I may have eaten a few too many slices of cake than I had intended, but overall, I am sticking pretty well to my plans of cooking healthy meals at home every night (with the exception of special date nights).

Where I seem to be lacking is in my regular fitness activity. For the first few weeks of the new year I was on a pretty consistent schedule of 30 minute elliptical workouts every other day. But have since made working out less of a priority. I’ve been crazy busy at work preparing for new state tests, family commitments, and by the time I get home some nights I’m just too exhausted. Eating healthy is great, but without the fitness to compliment the eating habits I know I am missing out on the goal. I want to be both fit and healthy.

A fit and healthy lifestyle (like the one I am trying to adopt) begins first with a clear and measurable fitness plan. I started the year with the goal of working out thirty minutes a day every other day. I thought that was reasonable. Then life happened.

In high school I was a long distance runner and have actually completed several half marathons. I would love to work into shape to once again compete in road races and do well. During the winter I tend to do less running and more elliptical and core strength workouts. I have a Fitbit which is nice for tracking exercise and calories. I also have access to weights.

So…I’m opening today’s blog up to my viewers and followers. I’m asking for advice. How do you stay motivated during the winter to continue training and working out? And…What are your workout plans? 

I tend to be more extrinsically motivated so the more comments and advice I get, the more likely I will be to get myself into a regular routine. I also plan to use this blog to hold me accountable to both my fitness and health goals. Bring on the comments!!

Monday Menu (Slow Cooked Curried Chicken Stew)


There are few things I enjoy devouring more than a warm stew or soup on a cold frigid day.  As you can gather from my recent postings I have spent quite a few consecutive days sequestered in my home. The snow and low temperatures have been relentless here in the mid-west not to mention the lovely flu bug that has finally swept its way out of our now sanitized home. So when it came to preparing a homemade meal for my family this weekend I had quite a few stipulations. I needed to cook meals that would settle well with those weak in the stomach and bring nourishment to replenish lost nutrients surrendered to the nasty sickness. The meal needed to also require ingredients which were readily available in my own pantry because venturing out during a snow emergency is virtually impossible. So while racking my brain to create a concoction to meet the needs of my family this weekend I created a new dish with which I am quite pleased.

This meal is very British in roots so my husband loved it immensely. He wants it to be added to our rotation of meals. I’ve never written a recipe of my own before so this may be rough and hard to follow, but I felt it was worth sharing.

Curried Chicken Stew


1 Tb olive oil

2 pounds chicken breast, cubed

1 Tb garlic, minced

1 cup frozen green beans

1 cup frozen carrots

1/2 jar of favorite curry sauce or paste (I used Patak’s Original Korma Paste)

2 potatoes unpeeled and cubed


1. In a large skillet heat oil. Add chicken and garlic. Cook until chicken is done.

2. Add frozen green beans and carrots to the skillet. Saute until vegetables are soft.


3. Pour chicken and vegetable mixture into a 4 quart Crock Pot or slow cooker.

4. Add potatoes and curry sauce.

5. Mix to coat all ingredients.

6. Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

This recipe is simple and can be easily adjusted. I used a more mild sauce to achieve the soothing effects desired for someone conquering the flu, but a hotter sauce would be delicious as well. Curry is definitely more popular in England than it is in America. This dish was very nostalgic to my husband’s upbringing. If you find that your family likes curry I would recommend keeping a jar or two on hand at all times. I have found them at World Market and the North Market in Columbus, Ohio. I’m fairly certain many of the franchise grocery stores carry them in their international aisles as well. It’s a really easy staple to those nights where you just want to throw something together. I have literally made meals before where I have baked chicken in the sauce and served it over rice and it was delicious.


The Man Flu

I vigorously disinfected. I ensured that I was the one touching and taking care of our two year-old daughter as she recovered from her recent illness. I quarantined the germs. All in hopes of not allowing my husband to contract the dreaded Man Flu. The preventative actions were all in vain. This morning I awoke to one helpless victim of the Man Flu.

Some of you may be asking what is this Man Flu illness? I’m not sure how this disease looks in your home, but in the Sisley house the Man Flu is comparable to Ebola. The symptoms are similar to that of the common cold, but beware the infected personnel of this disease may be experiencing near-death. Or so it would appear.

The Symptoms: inability to get out of bed/off the couch, insistance on another to provide food and beverages, fatigue, long naps, dramatic statements such as “I think I’m dying” or “My head may fall off”, low grade fever (at best), viewing five or more consecutive episodes of favorite shows on Netflix, and inability to complete expected chores and responsibilities.

Really, if your man exhibits any of these symptoms or looks like this…he may be in danger of contracting this illness:

FullSizeRender (1)

Treatment: the only real way to treat this disease is with compassion and sarcasm. Equal parts of both. Oh, and a gentle reminder for the patient of the pain and agony of child birth. (That’s a quick cure, but only works if the patient is in good spirits…I don’t recommend trying this treatment if your significant other doesn’t show signs of a sense of humor-or if you have not yet had children)

Man Flu is a joke in our house. My husband does not often become ill, but when he does…BEWARE. I think this time around he uttered the phrase, “I think I’m dying” a handful of times. He knows he is guilty of this and even refers to his illness with the same name. To be truthful he told me I should write today’s post about him and the Man Flu so this is not me bad mouthing my husband in any way. It is simply me making light of the fact that I have now spent the past week nursing to health both my daughter and my husband. (And it is not hard to guess which was the better patient)

So a note to mothers out there…BEWARE of the MAN FLU. The struggle is real.

In all seriousness I don’t mind the occasional Man Flu. It gives me the opportunity to serve my husband. I live to help my family and I enjoy the time spent slowing down and resting. However, after a week of being snowed in with both family members sick it may be driving me to insanity. While Sam rested with Arianna on the couch and they bonded over stuffy noses and drinks of water I cleaned my house to help extinguish the apparent germ infestation. I had a fairly productive afternoon and am ready to place a Doterra order to help prevent this family mayhem from occurring again. (I’ve kind of jumped on the Essential Oils bandwagon lately) I am thankful for my kick-butt immune system this time around and am looking forward to the start of a new work week tomorrow.

I will leave you with a photo I stopped to take while cleaning today to prove that little miss Arianna is on the up-and-up. Stay healthy, viewers, followers, and friends!

FullSizeRender (2)

Do Not Neglect Progress

“All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Scripture Saturday

When I first became a mom I struggled a lot with making time for myself. Who am I kidding? I still have a difficult time stepping away from all that needs to be accomplished in my life and take time to focus on me. I am a very check-list oriented person and I spend a majority of my time working through my priorities each and every day. There was a time where I unintentionally allowed my own personal time with God and the Bible to falter in order to make time to throw in a load of laundry or to grade some papers that I had been putting off.

I have come to recognize the importance of beginning and ending each day with some time alone in the Word and prayer. This was a habit I had formed in my singlehood and even the early stages of our marriage, but as many mothers can atest to I became a little overwhelmed with my schedule when I had someone so dependent on me for every thing. I became so occupied with other people and what I could do for them, and lost sight of my own needs in the process.

Well, lesson learned. Those were some of the most trying times of my faith. I struggled with so many issues that had I been reading the Bible regularly or been seeking God for wisdom on a regular basis I know I would never have dealt with. I was exhausted and what I needed the most was to be refreshed and refined by God. The passage I quoted above shows just how important it is to read your Bible and be in constant relationship with God. We need the Bible because it teaches us, rebukes us, corrects us, and trains us in righteousness. If we neglect the opportunity for these things to be done in our lives we neglect progress.

Exactly fifty days ago I began a journey to make regular Bible reading more of a habit. Overall I have been doing much better the past six months than I have in two years, but starting fifty days ago I had a set time and place to take a few minutes away for myself. And I stuck to it EVERYDAY. I drink a cup of coffee every morning so I have planned that a great compliment to my favorite part of morning routine would be the addition of Bible reading and prayer. The results have been tremendous. I find that starting my day in the Word before anything else that I am not only more productive, but my focus is on the right thing and it is a lot harder to be struck down by the enemy. I am seeing victory over some of my biggest personal struggles and I have a more positive outlook.

So my challenge to you, dear followers and viewers, is to find something that you are neglecting in your life and set a time and place where you regularly work on that specific thing. Try to consistently follow your plan for fifty days and document the progress you are making in your own life. Progress will be made.

Make time for yourself+make time for God=PROGRESS


The Date Jar: Week 1 (Family Camp out in the Living Room)

While we are still nursing our two year-old back to health we decided not to cancel our weekly family date night. As a family we have resolved to regularly spend time together doing something inexpensive and enjoyable. Last Friday we took our daughter to her first movie theater experience to see Paddington which was adorable and an all around excellent experience for the three of us on Valentine’s Day. This week knowing that the weather is still not ideal and with Arianna still being quite ill we decided to try a stay-at-home date.

We have created a jar of date possibilities. The jar is full of color-coded slips of paper. Each color represents a category of date.


Yellow= stay at home date with minimal costs required (family dates-created by both my husband and myself)

Red= Mommy and Daddy date ideas (created by me)

Blue= Mommy and Daddy date ideas (created by my husband)

The cool part is that I have no idea what my husband put on his slips and vice versa so when we draw date ideas there’s good probability of a complete surprise. This jar is a new family creation and we broke it out for the first time today. So the family date night idea for the week…

Camp out in the living room together.

This really is perfect for Arianna’s current condition. She is just beginning to rehydrate after a four day bout of the flu, so a date that doesn’t require her to leave the couch or living room is really ideal. As soon as she found out we were camping she was so excited to build a tent in the living room and play some games with Mom and Dad that require minimal energy.

So here is a chronicle of our family date night:

1. The tent: every good camping trip begins with the setting up of the tent, so here she is, folks. Arianna is especially excited it is a Sofia the First tent.


2. The fun: We had high hopes for finishing a puzzle, playing a game or two, and watching a camping themed movie, however, Arianna maxed out after the tent building. She had about five minutes of total silliness which was really refreshing after her zombie-like week, and then decided it was time for her nap. Here is a photo from the few minutes she was able to resemble her usual self. She picked out this ensemble and sang her own rendition of “Let it Go”


So even though the first date night didn’t go as planned we made the most of the few minutes we did have. It’s all about the memories and not so much the perfect execution of well-laid plans. Plus, my husband and I finally got a few minutes just us to watch some of our favorite grown-up shows and relax.

If you’re in the mid-west stay warm and brace yourself for more snow.

Snow, Snuggles, and Lessons


As a lifetime resident of central Ohio I have grown up accustomed to the delightful gift of SNOW DAYS that occur a few times every winter. You will never hear this teacher complain about an un-scheduled day at home. However, one thing I have not come to expect due to my experience is the SNOW WEEK. Never in my recollection have I missed a total of five consecutive days of school due to weather. Tomorrow may be a first in the records for many central Ohio residents. And like I said…you won’t hear me complaining.

Monday was technically President’s Day and school was not scheduled, but by mid-morning on Monday the fluffy flakes began to fall on our small town and I was trapped indoors all day. The snow did not let up on Tuesday or Wednesday landing nearly a foot of snow in total over those three days. Today the extremely low temperatures and wind chill landed nearly all of central/south central Ohio on a school cancellation. And the future looks bleak, my friends. According to some forecasts tomorrow looks to be just as bad as today if not worse. This really may be a 0 day work week.

On the bright side I have had an extremely productive week on the home front. I conquered several tasks on my to-do list and cooked healthy homemade meals every night all while tending to my precious two year-old flu victim.

As my sick toddler sleeps away her bug I can’t help reflecting on the positivity that this week has brought me. Before she was infected with the flu I made many fun memories with my Princess that may not have happened had I been working this week. She has a knack for cooking and art so we spent many of our house-ridden days baking cupcakes (in our “bakery” as she calls the kitchen). One afternoon as I sat grading some projects she sat beside me insisting that she do her “school work” which was her drawing shapes and letters in her own notebook. After bath time when she was beginning to show signs of illness we set her bedroom up like a store and she “bought” the outfit she wanted to wear using some play money and placed them in a shopping cart before putting them on. It’s times like these where I can’t help, but stop whatever I am doing and soak up as much as I can from those adorable moments.

This week has truly been about spending time with my favorite little person. In my first post I mentioned that I learn more from my daughter than I could hope to teach her and that is exactly true. She has taught me to prioritize and love in a totally new way that is unlike marriage love. Life’s little lessons have been sent through such a smart and angelic child and I feel completely blessed to be her mother.

All of these good moments and fun times have culminated today. I’ve done all I can to help her feel comfortable and better as she battles a fight with the flu. From rubbing her back as she vomits to letting her lay on me for hours on end I have done my best to help her get over this nasty sickness. As much as I hate watching her feel so miserable I’ve truly loved the snuggle time I have gotten with my baby today. She is usually a very active girl, but it is nice to have a day to slow down and cuddle. (And maybe not leave the living room couch) 🙂

As the fever is coming down and the energy is re-entering her small body I am so grateful for so many things. I am thankful for her health, her BIG heart, and life’s little lessons. It’s so easy to get caught up in my own life and all of the many things I do, but I’m learning to stop…slow down…and make more MEMORIES.


latte-art-02 photo credit:

I am a writer at heart. I’ve always been a writer. I prefer paper and pencil myself, but really any medium works. I grew up crafting stories about fictional characters or taking historic events and bringing them to life via short stories. Learning comes to me best when I take a pencil to paper and jot down the ideas I am absorbing. For that reason and a few other preferential reasons I have taken to my own method of journaling over the past several years.

I use journaling as a form of documenting my own spiritual walk. My journals contain musings, scriptures, prayers, struggles, and conversations. Lately I’ve been going through a few different devotionals. One that is really challenging me and my outlook on life and myself is The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Recently a friend introduced me to the online female community at She Reads Truth ( which is also an excellent devotional source that is written for women by women and includes a lot of relatable items for the average woman. She Reads Truth also includes cute sayings or memory verses at the end of each study that appeal to the creative side of many of the followers. Here is one of many of their awesome quotes:


My favorite author for female Bible Studies, however, is Beth Moore. She has so much insight into scripture and does a great job showing readers how to apply the Bible to our lives. She keeps me in check. I love it.

Anyway, journaling has become a ROCK for me. I rarely leave home without my journal and since I have a Bible App on my phone (She Reads Truth) I also always have the Bible on my person (although like with writing I’m pretty old school and still prefer my physical Bible over my virtual one).

When I was younger I was taught a really easy way to remember to study the Bible. This method is what I use most days when it comes to my own personal study and journaling. This method is called the “SOAP” method. This is what this Bible Study method looks like.

S= Scripture. Start by focusing on a piece of scripture. Sometimes it’s the scripture at the beginning of a devotion, or it could be a book you are going through on your own or with a small group. After you read the scripture through once put the main ideas you got from the reading into your own words so it is easy to understand and remember.

O=Observations. The next step in studying scripture is to observe not only what the text is saying but how it relates to the bigger picture of scripture. You should look for answers to the 4 W’s and an H questions. (who? what? when? why? how?) In order to make accurate observations of scripture you will need to consult a devotion, concordance, Bible dictionary, or other Bible reference materials. There are several online resources as well.

A=Application. I always try to pick out one or two ideas I can apply to my life and create a short mission for myself based on that section of scripture. This part of Bible study is so important. It is great to make observations and learn, but what good is growing in knowledge if you have no application of that knowledge?

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

P= After completing the first three steps in Bible study it is time to pray. You should always begin any study time with prayer for guidance from the Holy Spirit. (I guess I should have prefaced with that), but it is also super imperative to end your study time with discussion with God. I feel that sometimes this particular time doesn’t require a written prayer. Sometimes what God requires from us is silence and waiting. This is kind of a case by case thing so I can’t tell you what your prayer should look like. Just listen to God and let him DO WORK!

Here is an example of a Bible Study I did recently. This is from the first chapter of Hebrews. I purchased the reading supplements from She Reads Truth, so I cannot share any of that content, but I can recommend that any of you ladies out there looking for a good Bible Study resource download the App “She Reads Truth”. The app is free, but many of the Bible Studies cost a couple of bucks to download. I still recommend it. It’s great stuff 🙂


So pull up a comfy seat. Grab a cute journal, a Bible, and fun pen and begin your journey with God and SOAP. (Oh, and did I mention I always love to have a warm cup of coffee as a companion to any Bible study I partake in)

Happy journaling 🙂